Do Babies with Autism Laugh? An Expert's Perspective

Children with autism often produce a unique type of laughter, which has a tonal quality, similar to a song. This type of laughter is associated with positive emotions in typical children. A recent study recorded the laughter of 15 children with autism and 15 typical children aged 8 to 10 years. At this age, babies should start laughing and smiling in response to playtime.

Most neurotypical babies will show interest in a game of peek-a-boo and react during the game.


babies, however, may not smile or react during the game. Does your child smile back when you give them a warm and cheerful smile? Does your daughter smile on her own? At the age of six months, your baby should give you big smiles or expressions of happiness. Babies usually share their enjoyment with you when smiling or laughing and looking at you.

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a growing public health concern that is often widely misunderstood. It has been gaining attention since the U. S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that 1 in 59 children have ASD.

Don't assume that every behavior of your child is a sign of autism. If your child shows unusual reactions to sounds, images, or textures, this may be an early sign of autism. Babies with autism may produce unusual stiffness or widening of the fingers or unusual ways of taking a posture or moving their hands or body. They may concentrate a lot or stick to objects that are unusual for their age, such as long strips of cloth, utensils, chains, stones, sticks, running water, or gadgets that they can disassemble and assemble.

If you already have another child with autism, you need to make sure that a doctor sees him regularly. If your baby moves or pulls their hand or body part like a tool, this can be an early sign of autism, especially if they are not looking at it.At both ages, people in the autism and disability groups are more likely than controls to move quickly from whining to intensely crying. If your child insists that certain things are the same and is greatly disturbed by an unexpected change, this may be an early sign of autism. Children with autism are more likely than typical children to have had trouble falling asleep as babies.Maureen Bennie created the Autism Awareness Center in 2003 to address what she saw as a gap in the support and advocacy of those struggling with autism and autism spectrum disorders.

The center provides resources for families affected by autism and works to raise awareness about the condition.Early diagnosis is key for successful treatment of autism spectrum disorder. Parents should be aware of the signs and symptoms associated with ASD so they can seek help as soon as possible if they suspect their child may have it.

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